Weight Loss PLR – 12 Different Plans

The thing about affiliate marketing is that you’ve always got to be a step or two ahead of your readers.  Your readers may be planning a big Thanksgiving dinner, a holiday cookie-baking party, and a New Year’s Eve bash.  But then they’ll be starting their New Year’s diets.  And your blog needs to be ready for that.  This weight loss PLR will help you get ready. Continue reading “Weight Loss PLR – 12 Different Plans”

Self-Development PLR – Letting Go of Grudges

Kelly and Samantha at White Label Perks have a new self-development PLR pack out.  It’s about finding emotional freedom by facing your past, healing your emotional wounds, and forgiving so that you can move on. It’s about letting go of grudges.  Have a look at this content if your readers are interested in personal or spiritual growth, physical or emotional healing, or wellness or happiness.  Continue reading “Self-Development PLR – Letting Go of Grudges”

PLR Printable Journals with Four Different Themes

Alice Seba is one of my favorite PLR producers.  I love to buy and promote her products because she always produces such good work.  She has a new pack of PLR printable journals out and I want you to know about them. Continue reading “PLR Printable Journals with Four Different Themes”