Real Estate Resell PLR – A Great Niche for Internet Marketing Consultants

Real Estate Resell PLR

Want to know what a booming group of new bloggers is?  Real estate agents who are starting their own business blogs to have more flexibility, and less cost, than the monster sites. Continue reading “Real Estate Resell PLR – A Great Niche for Internet Marketing Consultants”

Motivation PLR – Four Week E-Course

Motivation PLROne of the most popular topics for internet content is motivation and goal-setting.  And Alice Seba has a really meaty motivation PLR package that’s organized as an e-course.

Whether you use it to build a list, invigorate your Facebook group, or create a paid product, you can reach out to a vast audience of receptive readers. Continue reading “Motivation PLR – Four Week E-Course”

Ketogenic Diet PLR – FAQ Bundle

ketogenic diet PLRKeto is the new paleo.  Dieters are intrigued by the ketogenic diet because of the promise of weight loss and other benefits.  There are claims that keto can help you control your blood sugar, increase your mental focus and energy, normalize hunger, treat epilepsy, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, regulate insulin levels, and clear up acne. Continue reading “Ketogenic Diet PLR – FAQ Bundle”

Slant Your PLR to Make It Your Own

slant your PLR

When you buy a PLR product, you get something that many other purchasers have bought.  You can use it exactly as you found it with no editing.  Many PLR users, though, will want to edit it in different ways.

When you edit PLR, you can make big changes or small ones.  First massage the text by adding your keywords.  Then revise any of the content that you think needs correcting, clarifying, or expanding upon. Continue reading “Slant Your PLR to Make It Your Own”