Boy, Have I Got A Tip For You! ;-)

365 PLR Tips: Marketing, Health, Self-Improvement

Today I want to tell you about three different PLR packs that Alice Seba has on her site that have this in common:  they’re all 365 tips.

I LOVE it when PLR is in the format of X number of tips — and, not to state the obvious, but when you’ve got 365 tips, you’ve got a year’s worth.   PLR in this format is so fabulously flexible.

What to Do with 365 Tips PLR

Here are a few of the things you can do with these packs:

  • Keep the whole list of 365 tips in the form of a short report and give it away as an opt-in or bonus.
  • Load up Hootsuite and send out a tip every day on Twitter and Facebook,
  • Send out a tip every day by e-mail.  Use a tip for the entire e-mail or add it as an extra to your regular daily message.
  • Post them as mini blog posts.
  • Or use them as writing prompts for your posts.  Take a tip and expand on it to turn it into a full length post.
  • Find appropriate royalty-free images and use a site like Picfont to design a social poster using a tip from your list of 365.  Or hire it out.
  • Write an e-book (or buy a PLR e-book) and use the tips as chapter headings for it.
  • Create a planner or journal and incorporate a tip every day.
  • Pick out your 10 or 20 favorites and create an infographic.  Post it on Pinterest or use the infographic as a content upgrade for a paid product.
  • Use your imagination and do something I haven’t thought of.  There are dozens of options!
  • Do several of those things.  No reason not to post these tips on Facebook and Twitter AND post them on your blog AND send them out as e-mails AND create social posters AND turn them into an infographic AND . . .

So that’s why I love the whole notion of a PLR pack of 365 tips.  And I especially love it that Alice Seba has three different packs, one each for marketing, health, and self-improvement.  So you can take advantage of the fabulous flexibility of the 365 tips no matter what your niche is.  Here are the topics that each of the packs covers:

365 Health Tips

  • Helpful tips about eating healthy and making the best possible food choices
  • Tips about easily incorporating more exercise into daily life
  • How to better handle and eliminate stress
  • Tips for handling common illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and kids health
  • New ways to keep minds healthy and young
  • Quotes about health and wellness to keep motivated

365 Marketing Tips

  • Helpful tips about becoming successful at affiliate and content marketing
  • How to work with influencers to grow their business and following
  • Tips for improving email marketing to really connect with your audience and get more sales
  • Different methods to expand your reach using social media marketing
  • New ideas on how to use video marketing to expand your reach
  • Quotes about marketing to keep you motivated to share your business

365 Self-Improvement Tips

  • Helpful tips on saving, making and managing money
  • How to give and receive forgiveness for more peace in your life
  • Tips for improving confidence and self-esteem
  • Different methods for finding and creating more happiness
  • Success lessons you can use to improve your overall well-being
  • Tips for improving your physical and mental health
  • & much more
Each pack is $27 and they’re a bargain considering how much you can do with them.  Grab them and put them to work.

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