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Alice Seba’s ListMagnets.com always has good quality stuff.  Since you don’t have a chance, as a PLR buyer to read the material before you buy it, it’s always a good idea to return again and again to PLR writers whose quality you know.  And Alice’s work is stuff you should try and then return to again.

If you’re not familiar with her site, here are some of the topics you’ve got to choose from:

Business PLR Reports

  • 365 Marketing Tips
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Amazon FBA
  • Business Branding
  • Create Your Info Product
  • Digital Business
  • Facebook Live Tutorial Pack
  • Facebook Messaging Profits
  • Growing Your Audience with YouTube
  • Kindle Super Pack
  • Marketing Mistakes Top 10s
  • Marketing Tools and Comparison Charts
  • Marketing Top 10s
  • Podcast Interviews
  • Power of Video Ads
  • Product Launch Super Pack
  • Social Media Super Pack
  • Traffic Super Pack

Health Reports

  • 12 Daily Habits
  • 365 Health Tips
  • Healthy Fabulous You for 2017
  • Health Niche Ready-to-Go Newsletter

Self-Improvement Reports

  • Prioritize Your Life
  • Meditation for Focus and Success
  • Think Big
  • Self-Improvement Top 10s
  • 365 Self-Improvement Tips
  • Journal Pack
  • Get Motivated & Achieve Your Goals

Any of that stuff look good to you?  I’ll give you a link to the main page and you can poke around the site and see what you like:



I like the “365” products — 365 Marketing Tips, 365 Health Tips, and 365 Self-Improvement Tips.  What I love about them is that they’re so flexible.  You can post each tip separately on social media or do a quickie blog post about the topic.  If you post them on social media, think about taking an appropriate image and adding the text over it.  Want a longer post?  Start with a tip, brainstorm, and develop it into a full article.

Need a new give-away or bonus?  Take the 365 tips document and use it as a free-standing product.

Can you spell “repurpose”?  Do all of those things — for each tip, create a social media image or simply post the text on social media, do a quickie blog post, develop the idea into a longer blog post, then brand the 365 tips document with your name and website and give it away as a lead magnet.

Don’t you love PLR?

The link again:  List-Magnets-Flash-Sale




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