New Self-Help PLR – Dealing with Difficult People

self-help PLRI don’t think there’s a person on earth that can’t be helped with this self-help PLR — How to Deal with Difficult People without Losing Your Mind.  I’m guessing that even difficult people have trouble dealing with other difficult people. Continue reading “New Self-Help PLR – Dealing with Difficult People”

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Free PLR – 51 Winning Website Traffic Ideas

All my regular readers and subscribers (like you, I hope) know what my favorite price is.  My favorite price is free.  How many times have I said, “Before you buy this product, check out the free PLR on the seller’s website”?  A lot.  I’ve said that a lot of PLR

Well, here we go again.  Free PLR.  From Alice Seba, an excellent writer.

And it’s about one of my favorite topics — traffic.

51 Winning Website Traffic Ideas

This free PLR report is more than 4,000 words.  It comes with an e-cover, including a .psd file so that you can edit the cover to add your name. And it comes with a promotional calendar, which I’m looking forward to using.  Honestly, I’m usually kind of haphazard when it comes to promoting my posts, so I’m glad to have a tool that will help me take a more strategic approach.

Here’s my link:

51 Winning Website Traffic Ideas

What can you do with it?

This is a compelling choice to use as a give-away to build your list because everyone is always working to get more traffic.  You can edit it however you like.  Add in some links to paid products, either your own or products that you are an affiliate for.  Refer your readers back to your blog.

Take snippets of the report, one idea at a time, and sprinkle them through your social media sites with a link back to your squeeze page so that you can collect new e-mail addresses while your new subscribers get the full report.

Do a challenge.  Take a new traffic tip each week and implement it whole-heartedly.  Monitor your results.  Get your challenge participants to do the same and compare successes.  You’ll  get engagement and loyalty from your followers while you build your own traffic.

There’s no downside to the download.  So click already.  And did I mention that it’s free PLR?

Here’s my link again:

51 Winning Website Traffic Ideas

Hurry, though.  This is only around for a couple of days.




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AirBnB PLR – Hot Niche for Income Seekers

You hear about AirBnB all the time but this is the first time I’ve seen any PLR on the topic.  This AirBnB PLR by Tiffany Lambert is on a hot topic that people want to learn about so that they can have fun and make extra money.


The pack is four reports and 10 articles (a total of 54 pages) for $27.  And you get everything all at once — there’s no OTO or upsell.  With this package, you can help people learn what they need to know if they want to rent out a room or a second home.  There’s also content about experience hosting.


Here’s the content: Continue reading “AirBnB PLR – Hot Niche for Income Seekers”

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