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Have you found the new Christian PLR site yet, Daily Faith PLR? Here are a couple of devotionals -- one personal and the other business -- from that site.

Have you found the new Christian PLR site yet, Daily Faith PLR?  The site has only been up for a little while but the owners, Kelly and Tish,  are pros at the PLR biz and they’re doing a great job.

Let me tell you about a couple of products that have just gone online.

30 Day Devotional About Giving

This is a 30-day pack of devotionals about giving.  Each devotional starts with a short passage from Scripture then goes on with a reflection of about 225 words.

You can send them out as e-mails, post them as lengthy social media posts, or compile them into a book to sell or give away.

Want to see what you get before you decide?  Check out the sample devotional on the sales page.

Here are the titles:

  1. Generosity Starts with the Heart
  2. The Boomerang Gift
  3. Sharing with Others
  4. Whose Day Will You Brighten?
  5. When You Encounter a Family in Crisis…
  6. Paying It Forward
  7. When You Need Wisdom
  8. Finding Strength
  9. Giving of Your Time and Energy
  10. For the Love of Others
  11. The Gift of Immanuel
  12. When Generosity Is Contagious…
  13. Multiplied Meals
  14. Discovering a New Purpose
  15. Playing Secret Santa
  16. Giving to a Friend
  17. Understanding Your Spiritual Gift
  18. When Giving Is a Struggle
  19. The Gift of Music
  20. Giving in Honor of Loved Ones
  21. The Least of These
  22. Speaking Life over Others
  23. Good Works to Do
  24. Every Good Gift
  25. When You Surrender A Dream…
  26. The Kindness Rocks Project
  27. From Your Abundance
  28. The Gift of a Father’s Presence
  29. A Rich Inheritance
  30. God’s Positioning System

The pack also includes a set of title images.

You can buy this pack on the Daily Faith PLR site for $14.97.  Or you can join the monthly devotional membership for $10 and get a pack of devotionals on a different topic every month.  Here’s my link:

That Christian PLR devotionals pack is aimed toward personal devotions.  The next one is aimed toward Christian entrepreneurs.

Business Devotionals for Christian Entrepreneurs

This is a set of Christian PLR devotionals aimed at entrepreneurs.  It’s organized into a 10-week series.  You can use it as a free or paid e-course, include it in a coaching program, post it to your blog or Facebook page, compile it into a paid or free e-book, or do whatever else you wish with it.

Visit the sales page to read a sample.  Here are the titles of the devotionals:

  • Week One
    • Monday: Stretching Your Faith
    • Tuesday: Praying For Your Business
    • Wednesday: A Biblical Model for Praying for Growth
    • Thursday: Without Faith, Prayer Falls Flat
    • Friday: Prayers and Affirmations for Your Business
  • Week Two
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: Living on God’s Economy
    • Wednesday: Promises from Deuteronomy
    • Thursday: Participating in God’s Economy
    • Friday: God’s Economy Operates At God’s Direction
  • Week Three
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: What is a Calling?
    • Wednesday: Do you love what you do?
    • Thursday: How Do You Answer The Call?
    • Friday: What if others don’t see it?
  • Week Four
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: We’re All Gifted
    • Wednesday: How to Operate in Your Gifts
    • Thursday: You Will Feel His Pleasure
    • Friday: Spiritual Gifts Affirmations
  • Week Five
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: Managing Your Time By Planning Ahead
    • Wednesday: Managing Your Time By Prioritizing Activities
    • Thursday: Managing Your Time By Dropping What Doesn’t Deserve Priority
    • Friday: The Power of Full Engagement
  • Week Six
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: Doing Business By The Book
    • Wednesday: Pricing Yourself
    • Thursday: Partnering with Others
    • Friday: Some Business Checkpoints
  • Week Seven
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: Wise Counselors
    • Wednesday: Action Should Follow Good Advice
    • Thursday: Too Many Chefs
    • Friday: Affirmations for Wisdom and Counsel
  • Week Eight
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: Overcoming Personal Obstacles: Low Self Esteem
    • Wednesday: Overcoming Personal Obstacles: Procrastination
    • Thursday: Overcoming Personal Obstacles: Shiny Object Syndrome
    • Friday: Overcoming Personal Obstacles: Lack of Balance
  • Week Nine
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: You Don’t Have to Be Something More…
    • Wednesday: It is often about the littlest details – so write it down.
    • Thursday: How Can You Wow Someone?
    • Friday: Excellence is On Time
  • Week Ten
    • Monday: Stretch Your Faith
    • Tuesday: Symbolism & Branding Your Business
    • Wednesday: Witnessing 101 – Let them ask you
    • Thursday: Witnessing 201 – Tell them how God changed your life
    • Friday: Witnessing 301 – Offering to pray for and with them

This pack is available for $19.97.  Here’s the link:

Business Devotionals for Christian Entrepreneur

If you can use Christian PLR in your business, click onto the site and browse around.  It’s a new site so it’s still growing but you’ll have a chance to see the work they do.  I hope it’s a good resource for you.



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