Weight Loss PLR – 12 Different Plans

This weight loss PLR has twelve reports, each one about a different, popular diet, from meatless to paleo and everything in between.

The thing about affiliate marketing is that you’ve always got to be a step or two ahead of your readers.  Your readers may be planning a big Thanksgiving dinner, a holiday cookie-baking party, and a New Year’s Eve bash.  But then they’ll be starting their New Year’s diets.  And your blog needs to be ready for that.  This weight loss PLR will help you get ready.

If your blog isn’t ready yet, maybe you need some help with your content.  After all, you’re planning your Thanksgiving dinner, holiday cookie-baking party, and New Year’s Eve bash, too.  So take a look at this massive PLR pack from Tiffany Lambert (and check out my bonus below).

Weight Loss PLR – 12 Month Diet Rotation

It’s 12 unique diet reports covering all of the most popular plans.  Here’s the entire list of reports:

  1. Mindful Eating Diets
  2. Calorie Control Diets
  3. Low Carb Diets
  4. Meal Replacement Diet
  5. Fasting Diets
  6. Sugar Detox Diets
  7. Meatless Dieting
  8. Paleo Diet
  9. 3-Hour Metabolism Boosting Diet
  10. Blood Sugar Diet
  11. Mediterranean Diet
  12. Low Fat Diet

Each of the reports covers essential information for that diet:

  • Basic Principles of the Diet
  • Who the Diet Works Best For
  • How to Get Prepared for this Diet
  • Sample Meal Plan for the Diet
  • Tips to Increase Success on this Diet

Here’s my link:


For 1 week only, Tiffany has put this brand new weight loss PLR on a more than 70% discount – $17 for 60 pages (Tiff usually charges $1 per page).  You can use these reports as lead magnets, put them together for a paid product, or create a year-long theme on your blog, especially if you grab the first upsell, too (more about that in a second).  For a year-long theme, you can offer a different report each month as an opt-in, while you create some blog content about that plan and post a few articles throughout the month.

First OTO

Need some help creating the extra blog content?  Well, I’ve got that covered for you.  After you pick up the front end, you’ll have the option to purchase an OTO.  It’s 108 pages for $27 that includes product reviews on those 12 diet plans and printable, monthly journals for each one.  The product reviews are mostly book reviews with some kitchen gadgets included.  You can post them on your blog (and don’t forget your affiliate links!)  Then e-mail the journals out to your subscribers so that they can record their progress.  Break up the short report into five different blog posts for additional content.  And there you have it — content for a monthly theme.

Second OTO

Once you’ve purchased the front end and the first OTO, you’ll see an offer for a second OTO.  Buy it.  It’s an avalanche of existing PLR from Tiffany’s site — $1,210 worth of diet and exercise PLR for the astonishingly low price of $12.  That’s 99% off.  Could you get a deeper discount than that?

This funnel of content could let you post to your site or send out emails for over 3 years and 3 months – and the niche itself is packed with profit potential on courses and kitchen gadgets alike.   Check it out here:


My Bonus

Now, the front-end reports don’t have e-covers included.  But Tiffany has made a bonus available to her affiliates (like me) — a set of professionally designed e-covers, one for each of the reports, including a flat, 3-D, and editable version for each one.  If you order the package through my link, you’ll be able to download the set from the download page in JVZoo.

Lots of Ways to Slant Weight Loss PLR

That’s a whole lot of content, especially if you pick up both OTOs.  You don’t have to be in the weight loss niche itself for this to be a great deal.  You can slant weight loss PLR to be applicable to lots of niches.  For example, weight loss for

  • new mothers
  • people over 40 or 50 or more
  • athletes, dancers, or, on the other hand, people who don’t like to exercise
  • goal-setters, people who want to be their best, who want to excel
  • people who are facing health problems because of their weight
  • actors or other people in the public eye

. . .  the options go on and on.  What’s your niche?  Can you do a weight loss angle for it?

This weight loss PLR pack is a real deal so check it out.  Here’s the link one last time:




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