Healthy Eating PLR – Winter Herbs and Superfoods

There are superfoods and herbs that flourish in the winter.  Here's a new healthy eating PLR pack that demonstrates just that.


Do you think of healthy eating as a summertime activity?  Fresh summer fruits and vegetables make it easy.  But you can eat healthy all year round.  In fact, there are superfoods and herbs that flourish in the winter.  Jennifer Andersen, who is very knowledgeable about healthy foods and eating, has a new healthy eating PLR pack out that demonstrates just that. 

Healthy Eating PLR Pack

Here’s what’s in the pack:

  • 10 Articles About Winter Herbs & Superfoods
    • Winter Herbs You Can Grow Indoors (446 words)
      Tips for Growing Rosemary (405 words)
      The Best Herbs for Holiday Recipes (434 words)
      Tips for Freezing Your Herbs (421 words)
      Winter Superfood Smoothie Recipes (411 words)
      Superfoods to Help with Winter Illness (450 words)
      Health Benefits of Pomegranates (413 words)
      Health Benefits of Butternut Squash (426 words)
      4 Types of Kale Salad (460 words)
      How to Use Blueberries for Winter Recipes (403 words)
  • 10 Emails to Complement the Articles
  • 5-Page Report, Superfoods for Winter, that covers
    • Radicchio
      Citrus Fruits
      Winter Squash
  • Custom Report Cover
  • 10 Social Media Graphics
  • 20 Royalty-Free Images

Here’s my link:

What to Do With This Healthy Eating PLR Pack

How do you monetize a pack like this?  Oh, so many ways.  Herbs and growing kits, pots, and accessories, books about herbs and superfoods, cookbooks, and foods that can be bought online, like turmeric and chia seeds.

And who do you sell it to?  Readers interested in health and wellness, fitness and weight loss, family, simple living, green living, and organic living, just to name a few.

This terrific healthy eating PLR pack is half off this week-end (no coupon code necessary) at $14.  Here’s my link again:



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