It’s All In Your Head — The Key to Success, That Is [PLR Launch]

There’s an old expression.  You may know it.  “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.”

What this says to me is that your comfort zone is your worst enemy.

Leaving your comfort zone for success

And if you are stuck in your comfort zone — through self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and fear — you will never be as successful, fulfilled, and happy as you deserve to be.

Tiffany Lambert is kind of a doyenne of knowing that you need to kick your keester out of your comfort zone if you want to get anywhere in life.

And Tiffany has just launched an expansive collection of PLR materials called Leaving Your Comfort Zone for Success.  If you know Tiffany’s work, you know that it’s always excellent.

What’s PLR and what do I do with it?

What’s in this PLR pack

In this $17 PLR pack, she’s got a combination of new material and material that has been on her PLR site (at higher prices).  There are a total of 109 articles on topics like

  • Leaving your comfort zone for success
  • Wealth abundance
  • Overcoming self-doubt for online success
  • Motivation

In addition to the articles, there are nine short reports on the following topics:

  • Video Marketing In Spite of Self-Doubt
  • Cleaning Up the Negativity in Your Life
  • Being Productive When Self-Doubt Sneaks Up On You
  • Don’t Let Self-Doubt Stop You From Recruiting JVs and Affiiates
  • Self-Doubt Can Sabotage Your Product Creation
  • Self-Doubt Insecurities About Picking the Right Business Model
  • How to Be a Leader in Your Niche
  • Five Tools for Boosting Inner Strength
  • Attraction Brand Marketing

And to top it all off, there’s a 20-page guide called Your Self-Development Plan that addresses spiritual well-being, the importance of habits, stress, relationships, and body and mind.

Here’s my link to this excellent package:

Leaving Your Comfort Zone for Success

How to implement and monetize this PLR pack

Now, this is what I would do to use and implement all of this compelling material.  I’d start an online reading and discussion group.  You could do it as a Facebook group.

Assign a book every month for your members to read and discuss.  It could be a book that they buy on Amazon or an information product that you can source through JV Zoo or Clickbank.  And of course, your members would buy these books and digital downloads through your links!

Use the articles to build out a blog.  (With 109 articles, you’ve got one for every day of the week for about 3.5 months!)  Stream the blog onto your Facebook page.

Use the short reports to attract group members.

Use the longer report as a reward when a member reaches a goal that they set for themselves.

Success in business is a very popular niche.  There are lots of books and information products for you to choose from for your monthly reading assignments.  And there are a lot of people hungry for success who are alert to how their mindset, personal discipline, and daily habits can propel them forward — or stand in their way.

Chances are that you’ll be able to cross-sell other information products to your adoring fans, too.  It’s the kind of niche that attracts achievers.  People who always want to improve themselves.

Now, you can only get this whole pack at this low price for about another day or two.  After that, the price on the new content rises and the old content gets pulled out.  You’ll still be able to buy it on Tiffany’s PLR site, but only at the original prices per pack

So grab it while you can.  Here’s my link again:

Leaving Your Comfort Zone for Success


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