Mental Focus PLR

I’ve got a suggestion for mental focus PLR for you and a little story to remind you why your readers need it.

I started today with a very long list of things to do and a whole day without any other obligations to do them in.  Now here it is, late afternoon, and I’ve done very little.

Oh, I have a long list.  But no plan to accomplish the things on it.  And a long day.  But no real schedule.  Lots to do.  But no mental focus.  You may have had days like this.  Your readers probably have, too.

The good news is that I’ve got a way for you to address it.  It’s from Tracy and Susanne at Piggy Makes Bank.

Here’s the Pack

The pack contains 15 articles and 5 social media images.  The article titles are:

  1. Why Mental Focus Is Crucial For Success
  2. Mental Focus In Business
  3. Mental Focus In Your Personal Life
  4. Find Out What You Need To Focus On
  5. 3 Simple Focus Boosters To Keep You Sharp
  6. Tools To Keep You Focused Throughout The Day
  7. Mental Focus Works Like A Muscle… You Need To Train It
  8. Relaxation Is An Important Part Of Mental Focus
  9. Tight Deadlines Can Help You Focus and Boost Your Productivity
  10. Using The Pomodoro Technique To Keep Your Focus
  11. Encouraging Mental Focus In Others
  12. 3 Tips To Help You Get On Track When You’re Losing Focus
  13. Trouble Staying Focused? This Might Help
  14. 3 Major Focus Killers and How To Avoid Them
  15. How A Brain Dump Can Help You Focus

Come to the rescue of your (at least occasionally) unfocused readers by providing tips and  motivation to get them back on track.

It’s easy to see how you can use this pack to market across niches.  If your niche has anything to do with business, entrepreneurship, making money online, or internet marketing, it’s an easy fit.  You can also adapt it for any kind of personal achievement — goal setting, fitness, self-improvement, time management, debt reduction.  You can easily tweak it to suit any niche focused on accomplishment.

The pack sells for $17 on the Piggy Makes Bank site. Here’s my link:

Mental Focus PLR

Grab it and put it to work!




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