Diabetes PLR Articles and E-Book

diabetes PLR articles

Did you know that an estimated 9.3% of Americans have diagnosed or undiagnosed diabetes?  That’s more than 29 million people who are desperate to take control of their health.

They need information, so they buy digital products.  And they need home testing supplies and other equipment so they buy physical products.

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PLR Recipes and Food Photos — PLR Membership Site

Do you have a food, kitchen, health, or lifestyle blog?  Or any other sort of site where you need new, original PLR recipes with beautiful food photos to illustrate them?  KitchenBloggers has what you’re looking for — and it’s on sale.

KitchenBloggers has a PLR membership program called Bite-Sized Bundles.  You get fresh, new content every month.

PLR recipes

Bite-Sized Bundles

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Survival PLR Articles — All About Bugging Out

Tiffany Lambert is launching a pack of survival PLR articles.  And I ask you, what could possibly be more timely? I mean, really.  Uncontrolled wild fires, severe weather events, infrastructure failures, malware attacks, political grief, threats of war, terrorism . . . I’ll stop there.  But I bet you can think of more instances of impending doom.

Suffice it to say that there has been a surge in sales of survival items since Trump was elected.  Just as there was when Obama was elected.

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Understanding and Treating Depression — A $42B Niche [New PLR Launch]

Depression affects 40 million Americans.  Treating it generates $42 billion a year.  It is a huge market.  As a content marketer, it’s very possible that you can find an angle that fits your niche, taps into that market, and helps your readers all at the same time.

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What’s the Truth about Protein for Weight Loss? [PLR Launch]

The diet world is crazy for protein.  Everyone you know is on the Paleo diet.  Protein shakes are as common as frappucinos.  There’s lots of focus on low carb and high protein.

But what’s the truth about protein for weight loss?

protein for weight loss

If you have a weight loss, fitness, diet, or wellness blog, you need to be publishing content about protein for weight loss.  And here’s a new and fabulous resource for you:  Ruth Pound’s new PLR package, The Truth About Protein for Weight Loss.

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Facebook Marketing 3.0 Made Easy and YouTube Channel Income PLR [PLR Launch Round-Up]

PLR launch round-upHere are the PLR launches going on right now.  Click on the link to read my post.

Facebook Marketing 3.0 Made Easy

Some people have a lot of success with Facebook marketing.  Others?  Not so much.  If you need help with your Facebook marketing — or even if you’re doing great and you want to get some new ideas, take a look at Dr. Amit Pareek’s new launch.

YouTube Channel Income PLR

All the most successful marketers — and even some pretty mediocre ones — use video in their marketing plans.  But you need to have a systematic approach to video.  Firelaunchers’ new launch explains the important advantages to you in having a YouTube channel and how to make the most of it to promote your business.


Why You Need to Do Video Marketing — And How to Do It Right [New PLR Launch]

YouTube Channel Income PLRI’ve probably been hearing it for three or four years now.

If you want to be successful, they say, you need to market through videos on YouTube.

After all, they say it for good reason.  YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.  Viewers watch two billion videos a day.  YouTube has international reach, too.  Approximately 70% of YouTube’s viewers are located outside the United States. Continue reading “Why You Need to Do Video Marketing — And How to Do It Right [New PLR Launch]”