Tiffany Lambert’s Internet Marketing Challenges Are Awesome

internet marketing challengesTiffany Lambert has created a series of internet marketing challenges on some important topics.  I’ve taken a few of them.  They’re excellent and I want to make sure you know all about them.

As you know, I usually use this blog to tell you about PLR offers.  These challenges aren’t PLR.  But there are a couple of reasons why I’m bringing them up with you here. Continue reading “Tiffany Lambert’s Internet Marketing Challenges Are Awesome”

How PLR Launches Work

how PLR launches workIn posts on this blog, I’ve often talked about PLR launches, launch prices and OTOs.   Given that I keep bringing those issues up, I thought it would be helpful to describe how PLR launches work.

The first thing to note is that, no matter what I write in this post, not all launches work like this.  That’s one of the real benefits of being your own boss and managing your own online business as you choose. Continue reading “How PLR Launches Work”

AirBnB PLR – Hot Niche for Income Seekers

You hear about AirBnB all the time but this is the first time I’ve seen any PLR on the topic.  This AirBnB PLR by Tiffany Lambert is on a hot topic that people want to learn about so that they can have fun and make extra money.


The pack is four reports and 10 articles (a total of 54 pages) for $27.  And you get everything all at once — there’s no OTO or upsell.  With this package, you can help people learn what they need to know if they want to rent out a room or a second home.  There’s also content about experience hosting.


Here’s the content: Continue reading “AirBnB PLR – Hot Niche for Income Seekers”