PLR Launch Round-Up

PLR launchesHere are some of the current launches.

Tiffany Lambert’s Real Estate Resell PLR

Tiffany Lambert has a new pack out about buying, selling, and flipping houses.  And it’s not just PLR, it’s resell PLR. You can use this real estate resell PLR on your own blog AND you can use it on a client’s blog.  Set up an internet marketing site to train real estate agents how to set up a blog or go out and get real estate agents to hire you to do it for them.

Real Estate Resell PLR


Alice Seba’s Motivation PLR E-Course

One of the most popular topics for internet content is motivation and goal-setting.  And Alice Seba has a really meaty motivation PLR package that’s organized as an e-course.  Whether you use it to build a list, invigorate your Facebook group, or create a paid product, you can reach out to a vast audience of receptive readers.

Motivation PLR E-Course

Jennifer Andersen’s Keto FAQ PLR

Keto is the new paleo.  Dieters are intrigued by the ketogenic diet because of the promise of weight loss and other benefits.  Jennifer Andersen has a new ketogenic diet PLR package that can help you tap into this market.  This package isn’t an introduction to keto.  Rather, it takes an FAQ approach.

Keto FAQs PLR Bundle




Find High Quality PLR Before You Buy – Get Free Samples

PLR suffers from an image problem.  And I get it.  I’ve bought PLR that looked like it was written by someone who spoke English as a foreign language.  I’ve bought e-books about SEO that were written several years ago, before Google’s algorithm changes.  But high quality PLR is out there, lots of it, and you can find it.

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Social Anxiety PLR – 15 Million People Looking for Information on Your Blog

Mental health content on a blog can be very valuable, both for your reader and for you.  People who have mental health issues are often likely to turn to the internet for solutions.  They don’t want to discuss these issues openly.  They want to keep them private. Well-researched, well-written, and compassionate content can provide solutions for your readers and income for you.  Jennifer Andersen’s social anxiety PLR can be your springboard to that.

Social anxiety PLR

About Social Anxiety

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