Dairy Free Diet PLR – A How-To Guide for Beginners

More and more people are going dairy free right now.  It may be for genuine health problems, or it may be because certain high profile people are advocating that diet, but the trend is there.  And Ruth Pound has a new dairy free diet PLR pack out that is a how to guide for beginners. Continue reading “Dairy Free Diet PLR – A How-To Guide for Beginners”

Healthy Food PLR – Farmer’s Market Finds

Do you have foodies on your list?  Trish at KitchenBloggers.com has a monthly membership program of healthy food PLR that will appeal to your readers if you have a food, health, or lifestyle blog.  Mouth-watering recipes, eye-catching photographs, and extras every month.  Delicious! Continue reading “Healthy Food PLR – Farmer’s Market Finds”