PLR Printable Journals with Four Different Themes

I want to tell you about this pack of PLR printable journals. Give them away as opt-ins or use them as bonuses, physical products, or content upgrades.

Alice Seba is one of my favorite PLR producers.  I love to buy and promote her products because she always produces such good work.  She has a new pack of PLR printable journals out and I want you to know about them.

What to Do with These Printable Journals

These printable journals are on Alice’s List Magnets site.  Now, her strategy for them is for you to grow your list by giving them away in exchange for an e-mail address.  And that’s a great way to use them.

But they’re PLR, right?  So you can use them however you like for whatever purpose you need them for.

First, brand them.  Include a little introduction about yourself and your site or business.  Include a link to your site and other contact information so that your readers can find you on social media or by e-mail.  Add a photo if you like.  Insert your company logo if you have one.

Then, use them as you need them:

  • Give them away as list magnets.
  • Use Createspace or another, similar site to print them and sell them as physical journals on Amazon or your site.
  • Give them away as holiday gifts to your list, your affiliates, or the members of your membership site.  (Or your sisters, cousins, or book group.)
  • Add them as a bonus when you promote an affiliate product.
  • Add them as a bonus to your own paid product.
  • Use your imagination to do something else.

It’s a set of four journals with the following themes:

1. Gratitude Journal.  This will help your readers undertake and carry forward a gratitude practice.
2. Dream Journal.  Your readers will learn how to remember, track, and understand their dreams.
3. Affirmations Journal. This journal will help your readers recreate their mindset by incorporating affirmations into their daily lives.
4. Goal Setting Journal.  This journal will help your readers maintain accountability for reaching their life-changing goals.

Each journal contains writing prompts, instructions for use, and a beautifully designed cover.  And Alice gives you a lead-generating opt-in page customized for each one.

Check it all out at

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