Self-Development PLR – Letting Go of Grudges

Kelly and Samantha at White Label Perks have a new self-development PLR pack out.  It's about find finding emotional freedom by letting go of grudges.

Kelly and Samantha at White Label Perks have a new self-development PLR pack out.  It’s about finding emotional freedom by facing your past, healing your emotional wounds, and forgiving so that you can move on. It’s about letting go of grudges.  Have a look at this content if your readers are interested in personal or spiritual growth, physical or emotional healing, or wellness or happiness. 

Self-Development PLR on Grudges

Here’s what’s in the pack.

  • Five blog posts on the following topics:
    • What Are You Holding Onto?;
    • Why We Carry Grudges;
    • Understanding What Forgiveness Means;
    • Confront Your Past So You Can Live Free;
    • Tools for Healing Emotional Wounds
  • 10 Social Graphics
  • E-book, Letting Go of Grudges, which is compiled from the entire series of blog posts and the social graphics, and including an e-cover and a series of thought-provoking questions
  • Call-to-action graphic to promote the e-book
  • 30 social blurbs
  • An implementation workbook
  • Two adult coloring pages
  • Three e-mail autoresponders
  • Opt-in page

Here’s my link:

What Do You Do With All That Content?

That’s a lot of content.  I like it that some of it is already repurposed in the original pack.  For example, the social graphics are stand-alone AND incorporated into the e-book.  So here’s what you do with all that content.

  • Load up the blog posts and schedule them for publication on your blog according to your posting schedule.
  • Share the blog posts on your Facebook page, if you have one.
  • Close each post with the call-to-action graphic to encourage your blog visitors to join your list to get the e-book.
  • And don’t forget your current subscribers — send them the e-book, implementation workbook , and coloring pages as a thank you gift.
  • Plant the social graphics and the social blurbs all over your social media platforms with links back to your blog — either an appropriate post or the opt-in page.
  • After you’ve posted the blog posts to your Facebook page and promoted the e-book and the other content upgrades, post the questions and encourage engagement with your readers.
  • Follow everything up with the autoresponders.

Stand-Alone Pack or All Access Perks Pass

How do you get this package?  You’ve got a choice. The pack is for sale for $27 as a stand-alone product on the White Label Perks site.  That link again is

Your other option is to join the All Access Perks Pass.  For $27 a month, you get everything that Samantha and Kelly publish.  Sometimes, that’s one pack a month and sometimes, it’s two.  Recent packs have been Confidently Use PLR to Boost Your Mailing List and Night Time Routines for Winners.  You can learn more about the Perks Pass here:

Grudges only hurt the person who bears them, not the person who inspires them.  Forgiveness and giving up grudges are good for the soul.  It’s liberating and healing.  Help your readers along the path to healing with this self-development PLR pack.

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