Disaster Preparedness PLR in a Dangerous World

In this dangerous world, everyone needs to be a prepper.  Using disaster preparedness PLR can help you advise your readers on how to keep themselves and their families safe.

The Risks In A Dangerous World

In the last couple of weeks, we have had a number of disasters.  It started off with Hurricane Harvey then moved on to Hurricane Irma. In the meantime there was an earthquake off the coast of Mexico.

While all of this was taking place, 123 large wildland fires are burning are burning approximately 2 million acres across several states in the western United States.

There is an erratic world leader who has nuclear capabilities.  (I’ll let you decide which nuclear-armed erratic world leader is the scariest.)  Civil unrest and criminal activity impose greater risks for innocent people. And, of course, yesterday was the anniversary of 9/11.

A recent data breach at Equifax has put the identities of 143 million U.S. consumer at risk.  Cybercrime and privacy violations are rampant.

In addition to all that, the combination of globalization and climate change will alter patterns of movement of different organisms.  That can introduce new infections that we’ve never seen before and aren’t prepared against.

Who Needs to Prep for Disaster?

The short answer is that everyone needs to prepare for disaster because everyone is at risk.

As a content marketer, you might decide to set up a prepper site.  There’s a large, lucrative niche for preppers.

But you don’t have to do a prepper site to need disaster prep content.  If you have a family- or home-oriented site, some articles and an informative e-book could be information that your readers need.  They need to know how to set up an emergency evacuation plan before they need one, what to pack in a bug-out bag, and the basics of storing food, water, and emergency supplies at home.

A personal finance blogger should have content concerning flood, fire, and other insurance, what to do if you are the victim of a data breach, and how to keep your accounts secure.  It wouldn’t hurt them to get some basic advice about stocking up on emergency supplies, either.

If you have a health blog, you should have content that gives your readers advice about potential new health risks.  Discuss how to avoid infection and what kind of emergency supplies your readers should keep on hand.

By the way, you can adapt disaster preparedness PLR for lots of kinds of sites.  It’s easily tweakable for sites that deal with camping, hiking, and other outdoors activities.  Or if you have a site that deals with back-to-nature, homesteading, gardening, and farming, disaster preparedness PLR will be helpful for you, too.

Disaster Preparedness PLR

Since you need disaster preparedness content for all those niches, you need some PLR, right?  I’ve got some suggestions for you.

Tiffany Lambert’s Bug Out Survival PLR

Tiff has written a ton of survival PLR and has folded a whole lot of it into the funnel that starts with this pack.  She’s a prepper herself so her content is accurate and practical.

The front end is a set of 20 articles on different needs concerning bugging out.  If you like the front end, stick around for the upgrades.  Get it here:

Tiff’s Bug-Out PLR

Emergency Survival PLR

Sue Fleckenstein at Buy PLR Today has a pack of five articles.  It’s a good size if you want to raise the issue with your readers but don’t feel the need to get too far into the topic.

Click on this link to read more, including a sample of one of the articles:

Sue’s Emergency Survival PLR

Piggy Makes Bank’s Emergency Preparedness Basics PLR

Tracy and Susanne at Piggy Makes Bank have a pack of 10 articles and 10 product reviews.  The articles start with, Do You Have a Family Emergency Plan, ends with Basic Survival Skills Everyone Should Have, and cover lots of compelling issues in between.

Don’t forget that disaster prep is a great opportunity for affiliate sales, too.   Preparedness includes having lots of supplies on hand, from water filters, to first aid kits, to camping stoves and cooking equipment.  Check it out here:

Piggy Makes Bank’s Emergency Prep PLR

Piggy Makes Bank’s FREE Disaster Preparedness PLR

And here’s a freebie.  No matter what your budget is, no matter what your niche is, in these dangerous times, there’s no reason not to look at this.  It’s five articles on basic emergency preparedness PLR and a checklist of emergency supplies you should have on hand.  Here’s the link:

Piggy’s Prepper Freebie

I’m serious, folks.  These are dangerous times.  Your readers need good content to know how to keep themselves safe.  Have a look at some of this emergency preparedness PLR to see if any of it can help you.





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