Health and Wellness PLR: The Art and Science of Self-Care

The reason that it’s a cliché is that it’s true.  No one takes care of the care-giver.  Not even the care-giver herself.  This health and wellness PLR will train your readers in the art and science of self-care.

Women’s Health and Wellness PLR:  The Art and Science of Self-Care

You may already be familiar with JR Lang’s enormous PLR packages. There are over 300 pieces of content in this bundle — way too much to enumerate here.  Suffice it to say that there are an e-book, three short reports, graphics galore, an autoresponder e-mail series, 15 articles, three videos, and content extras that include a self-assessment, checklists, infographics, and social media posts and images.

Here’s my link:

Self-Care PLR Monster Pack

How to Use This PLR

It would work with just about any niche oriented toward women, whether it’s slanted toward moms, career women, or seniors.  After all, moms, career women, and seniors are often all the same woman!  And it’s common for women, no matter what their stage of life, to neglect their self-care in favor of care of others.

There’s so much content that there are probably thousands of combinations of ways to use it.  Start with the most common ideas:  load the articles onto your blog, use one or more of the short reports as an opt-in, follow up with the e-mail series, and sell the e-book.

Use the social media content to drive traffic to your blog and your opt-ins.  The infographics are especially popular on Pinterest.

There are options with the videos.  Do you build out a YouTube channel and also add them to your blog?  Or do you offer them as bonuses to your paid e-book?  The choice is yours.

If you select one short report for opt-ins, you can convert the others to additional blog posts or offer them as additional bonuses.

Maybe you’d rather use the self-assessment as an opt-in and edit the three short reports together to form a longer e-book which would be your second saleable product.

Really, you have thousands of options with all this material.

And there are two OTOs.  It boggles the mind.

It’s on a dimesale starting at $19 so jump on it now.

Here’s my link again:

Self-Care PLR Monster Pack




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