Overcome Challenges and Face Your Fears PLR

Every month, Tracy and Susanne at Piggy Makes Bank create a companion self-help PLR set.  One piece is a 30-day challenge; the second is an e-book/journal pack.  This month, they’ve got an Overcoming Challenges 30-Day set and a Face Your Fears PLR e-book and journal pack. Continue reading “Overcome Challenges and Face Your Fears PLR”

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Self-Help PLR Challenge – Getting Over Guilt

Suzanne and Tracy at Piggy Makes Bank are whizzes when it comes to creating a self-help PLR challenge.  They have membership programs with challenges and a lot that’s on their site is in the challenge format. Continue reading “Self-Help PLR Challenge – Getting Over Guilt”

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Self-Development PLR – Letting Go of Grudges

Kelly and Samantha at White Label Perks have a new self-development PLR pack out.  It’s about finding emotional freedom by facing your past, healing your emotional wounds, and forgiving so that you can move on. It’s about letting go of grudges.  Have a look at this content if your readers are interested in personal or spiritual growth, physical or emotional healing, or wellness or happiness.  Continue reading “Self-Development PLR – Letting Go of Grudges”

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Self-Care PLR – Pamper Me Spa Pack

It’s been a very challenging couple of weeks.  One crisis after another.  Add to that the every day stressors of health, relationships, careers, finances, and everything else.  We all need some pampering.  This self-care PLR pack will help you show your readers how to get the comfort they yearn for.

This Pamper Me Spa PLR pack shows your readers how to build their own home spa.  Imagine!  An oasis of peace and calm in the privacy of your own home.

Sue Fleckenstein at Buy PLR Today has it done for you.

Why A Home Spa?

Why do your readers deprive themselves of self-care?  Usually, it’s time and money.  But they can create a home spa for a small investment.  Then they can delight in it without making an appointment or interrupting their busy day.

There’s lots of stuff in this pack.  An e-book and a short report, social media content, and suggested ways to monetize your content.  A video, a PowerPoint.  Really a lot of stuff.  Here it is in more detail:

  • Main Report – 8387 words
  • Editable Ecovers
  • Stress Tips Report – 1453 words
  • Recipes (for body scrubs and perfumes)
  • Suggested Affiliate Programs
  • Tweets – 15 social media tweets or updates
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Vision Board Done for You
  • Images used for Vision Board
  • Powerpoint Vision Board templates
  • Royalty Free Images – 10 images
  • Infographic
  • MP4 Video


Get the Pack or Get a Membership

You’ve got a choice for how to purchase this.  You can buy the pack of self-care PLR for $22 or you can join Sue’s Health Fit Club for $10 per month and get this pack as part of your club membership.  You can make your choice on the sales page.

And here’s my link again:


Honestly, if you work in the health and fitness niche, I’d go for the membership.  That’s a lot of stuff for $10.  And you’d get a new pack every month.







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Self-Help PLR – Relaxation and Stress Reduction Challenge

Being stressed out and unable to relax makes you feel cranky and out of sorts.  But it doesn’t just ruin your day.  It can ruin your health, too.  This self-help PLR is a Relaxation and Stress Reduction Challenge that will be good for your readers’ hearts — their literal and figurative hearts.

People have changed their minds about stress.  It used to be popular to think that being stressed and hard-driven was Continue reading “Self-Help PLR – Relaxation and Stress Reduction Challenge”

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Self-Help PLR – Living an Intentional Life

Piggy Makes Bank has a self-help PLR package that you can use both to build your business and to help others change their lives.

People who are seeking self-understanding are highly motivated.  They buy and read e-books, subscribe to inspirational e-mails, and share memes that give advice for better living. Continue reading “Self-Help PLR – Living an Intentional Life”

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