Self-Development PLR – Letting Go of Grudges

Kelly and Samantha at White Label Perks have a new self-development PLR pack out.  It’s about finding emotional freedom by facing your past, healing your emotional wounds, and forgiving so that you can move on. It’s about letting go of grudges.  Have a look at this content if your readers are interested in personal or spiritual growth, physical or emotional healing, or wellness or happiness.  Continue reading “Self-Development PLR – Letting Go of Grudges”

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Wellness PLR – 30 Day Happiness Challenge

Now, here’s a great suggestion for a Facebook group to expand your list.  This wellness PLR is a 30 day happiness challenge.

Hmm.  Thirty days of happiness.  Who could possibly pass that up?

wellness PLR

The package includes 30 blog posts and 30 e-mails that direct your subscribers back to the blog posts.  Load the e-mails into your auto-responder to alert your readers to your blog posts.  And link to your blog posts from your Facebook group. Continue reading “Wellness PLR – 30 Day Happiness Challenge”

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