Understanding and Treating Depression — A $42B Niche [New PLR Launch]

Depression affects 40 million Americans.  Treating it generates $42 billion a year.  It is a huge market.  As a content marketer, it’s very possible that you can find an angle that fits your niche, taps into that market, and helps your readers all at the same time.

Understanding and treating depressionFacts about Depression

Who has depression?  Women more often than men.  So it makes sense for you to publish content on depression if you have a woman-oriented blog — lifestyle, stay-at-home or work-at-home moms, or women’s health and wellness, for example.

When do you get depression?  Adolescents often have to deal with it, so if you have a blog aimed at teens or parents of teens, it makes sense for you to address depression as an issue.  And people experience depression as they age, so if you have an anti-aging or senior’s life type of blog, it makes sense for you to write about depression.

What causes depression?  Among other things, stress.  And what causes stress?  Financial trouble, so if you work in the debt reduction or credit repair niche, depression is important to your niche.

Relationship issues also cause stress and depression.  So if you publish content relating to marriage or divorce, it may make sense to publish content on depression.  Or think of the same niche from another perspective — how one partner’s depression affects the relationship.

Job stress is a big source of depression.  So it makes sense to address depression as a motivator for change if you work in any of a number of niches dealing with career and job issues, career coaching, or alternative careers like making money online.

And it’s a lucrative field.  There are both digital and physical products to promote, everything from books to supplements to meditation cushions.

Depression PLR

And fortunately for you, Tiffany Lambert has just launched an excellent new PLR package that deals with depression in an informed and sensitive way.  Understanding and Treating Depression contains a ton of material — six brand new short reports, each on a different type of depression, and twelve existing packs from Tiffany’s PLR store.

Find out What’s PLR and What Do I Do with It?

The short reports are:

  • Time-Based Depression
  • Long-Term Depressive Disorders
  • Bipolar Manic Depression
  • Psychotic Depression
  • Situational Depression
  • Atypical Depression

Each of the reports discusses the causes, diagnosis and treatments, and symptoms of that type of depression, gives tips for managing it, and identifies the best natural remedies for it.

The launch price is $15 and will end Monday, July 3, at 11:00 AM.

Here’s my link:

Understanding and Treating Depression

There’s a $20 OTO.  It’s a collection of 15 articles, 15 product reviews (I told you there were a lot of products to promote in this niche), and a 10-page e-book, A Guide to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression.

This is a lucrative market with lots of angles to approach it from and lots of products to promote within it.  If you think it’s something that would fit in your editorial calendar, give it a look.

And always remember — you should never buy PLR that you aren’t going to use.  Buy it, use it, and move your online business forward with it.

Here’s my link again:

Understanding and Treating Depression



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