Book Publishing PLR E-Course

Self-published books are a hot thing.  Even I've done it.  This book publishing PLR e-course can help you reach would-be publishers to show them how it's done.

Self-published books are a hot thing.  Even I’ve done it.  This book publishing PLR e-course can help you reach would-be publishers to show them how it’s done.

Self-publishing appeals to people trying to make money online as well as to those who want to tell their stories or make statements.  Others use self-published books to market their off-line careers.

Expert PLR seller Alice Seba has a new four-part e-course on book publishing.  Her site is called List Magnets and this pack, like her other PLR, is conceived as an upscale opt-in.

Of course, you can do with it as you wish.  That’s the beauty of PLR.  But when it comes to opt-ins, this e-course gives great value.

Book Publishing PLR

Here’s the package contains four short reports that teach your readers step-by-step how to plan, write, publish, and market their best selling book. The reports cover:

  1. Planning Your Book and Launch
  2. Writing Your Book
  3. Publishing Your Book
  4. Marketing Your Book

Each short report comes with an e-cover set and has a worksheet and a checklist to go with it.

You also get the e-mails you need to deliver the course materials.  And to reel in your new subscribers, you get what you need for an opt-in page — the copy and the WordPress-ready code.

Here’s my link:

Book Publishing PLR E-Course

What to Do with This PLR

There are a million people who want to write a book.  And self-publishing on platforms like Kindle makes it easy.  Are your readers interested?

You don’t have to be marketing to people who want to make money online.  If you have a family and home blog, you probably have readers who want to write their own family histories.

If you have lawyers, real estate agents, accountants, consultants, or other professionals in your audience, you probably have folks who want to publish a book to demonstrate their expertise in their field and draw in potential clients.

Do you have a food or cooking blog?  Then you have readers who want to publish cook-books.

Have a look at the sales page and see if it fits your business plan or would serve your audience.

Here’s my link again:

Book Publishing PLR E-Course





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