Green Juice PLR Bundle For Your Health- and Diet-Conscious Readers

Here's a nice juicy bundle for you --  Jennifer Andersen's Green Juice PLR bundle. Perfect for your diet- and health-conscious readers.

Here’s a nice juicy bundle for you —  Jennifer Andersen’s Green Juice PLR bundle.  Perfect for New Year’s resolution season when everyone wants to detox, lose weight, sober up, and fight off colds and seasonal blahs.

Also great for spring and early summer when people are still trying to lose weight and lighten up, enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables of the season, and enjoy quick, easy to make meals and snacks.

In fact, it works all year round, if your readers are interested in their health and keeping trim.

Green Juice PLR Bundle

Here’s what you get in the pack:

  • 15 Articles About Green Juice
    • Simple Instructions for Making Green Juice (415 words)
    • Easy Green Juice Recipes for Beginners (411 words)
    • How to Make a Detox Green Juice (418 words)
    • Making Your Green Juice in a Blender (405 words)
    • Tips for Creating Your Own Green Juice Recipes (425 words)
    • Green Juicing Recipes for Glowing Skin (433 words)
    • Superfood Fruits for Your Green Juice (420 words)
    • Superfood Vegetables for Your Green Juice (421 words)
    • Ingredients for an Anti-Inflammatory Green Juice (453 words)
    • Fruits to Help Sweeten Your Green Juice (421 words)
    • How to Create a Well-Balanced Green Juice (426 words)
    • Tips for Saving Money on Juicing (402 words)
    • How to Prep for a Week’s Worth of Juice (404 words)
    • Green Juicing for Weight Loss (418 words)
    • Fruits and Veggies with Fewer Carbs (418 words) 6-Page Report: Beginner’s Guide to Juicing
      • Health Benefits of Juicing
      • Making Your Juice Taste Good
      • Appliances Used in Juicing
      • What to Juice First
      • Storing Your Juice
      • Caring for Your Juicer
      • More Information About Juicing
    • Custom Report Cover
    • 15 Social Media Graphics (for the articles)
    • 20 Royalty-Free Images

Check out the sales page for thumbnails of the social media graphics and royalty-free images.

What to Do with the Pack

With all that content in the pack, you’ve got a lot of material to work with.  The 15 articles can be half a month’s worth of  blog posts,  e-mails, or both.  You can also edit them together to make a report that you can use as an opt-in or bonus.  If you do that, use the royalty-free images to illustrate it.  Spread the royalty-free images around on your blog, too, at least one for each post.

On the other hand, you can edit the articles into the short report that comes with the pack to create a longer, saleable e-book.  Be free with both the royalty-free images and the social media graphics in an e-book like that.

Jennifer’s social media graphics look a whole lot better than my home-made ones.  Send them out to your social media platforms all over the internet and link them back to your blog.  Don’t forget to include them in your e-mails to your list.

Do all of those things and more.  Do everything you can think of.  Just get your message out there and use this well-written, well-researched green juice PLR pack to make you money.

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