Overcoming Loneliness PLR

The festive season is supposed to be a very sociable time, with parties, dinners, family reunions, and all sorts of loving interactions.  It can be a painful time, though, for people without loved ones or friendly relationships in their lives.  Loneliness can feel more acute than ever at this time of year.

Do you have readers who feel lonelier than usual at this time of year?  Maybe you can help them by encouraging them to turn their focus outward.  Kelly and Samantha at White Label Perks have a new overcoming loneliness PLR pack out called Simple Acts of Love to Overcome Loneliness.  The theme is that by reaching out to others, a lonely person can both help someone else and ease their own loneliness.

Overcoming Loneliness PLR

The pack includes:

  • Five Blog Posts
    • Facing Your Loneliness;
    • Shift Your Focus out Toward Others;
    • Take Your Hospitality on the Road;
    • Thanking Those Who Go Thankless;
    • Volunteering: A Tried & True Treatment for Loneliness
  • 10 Social Friendly Graphics
  • 30 Quick Social Blurbs
  • An e-booklet made up of the blog posts and graphics with thought-provoking questions included throughout
  • A printable implementation workbook that includes the same thought-provoking questions and space for journaling
  • A series of three e-mail auto-responders to connect with your leads
  • An e-cover, a call-to-action button, and copy for the opt-in page

This is $27 on the White Label Perks site.  Get all the details here:  PLRLaunchCentral.com/Acts-of-Love

By the way, White Label Perks has an All-Access Pass for $37/month.  You get three full PLR packs every month, one each in Online Marketing, Personal Development, and Health and Wellness.  The Acts of Love pack is this month’s Personal Development pack included in the All-Access Pass.  It’s a nice, money-saving deal if you can use a monthly pack in those niches.  You can learn more about the All Access Pass here:  http://plrlaunchcentral.com/All-Access


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