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PLR suffers from an image problem.  And I get it.  I’ve bought PLR that looked like it was written by someone who spoke English as a foreign language.  I’ve bought e-books about SEO that were written several years ago, before Google’s algorithm changes.  But high quality PLR is out there, lots of it, and you can find it.

High quality PLRRead the Sales Page

So how do you figure out if the PLR you’re looking at is worth your purchase?  First, read the sales page.  Now, I’m not going to tell you that a well-written sales page is a guarantee that the PLR is good.  Sometimes the sales page is written by a professional copywriter who does a better job than the PLR writer.

But I will tell you that a badly-written sales page is enough for you to decide not to make the purchase.  In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been evaluating PLR packages to decide whether I should promote them as an affiliate.  Three times I’ve decided against it because of typos, grammatical mistakes, or writers who don’t know when an apostrophe belongs in the word “it’s”.  And when it doesn’t.

Read the “About Us” Page

The next thing to do is to look at the “About Us” page if there is one.  During a launch, if a PLR seller has a free-standing sales page, there may not be an “About Us” page.

Online PLR stores commonly have them, though.  Read it to get an idea of the person behind the PLR.  Consider both the style and the substance.  If the writing is engaging, that’s a good sign.  If the writer has a background as a writer, has been writing and selling PLR for several years, or refers to a blog that you can check out, those are all good signs.  Not guarantees, but good signs.

Once you have your PLR, make it your own. Read One of These Things Is Not Like the Others  — Make Your PLR Unique .

Now, some PLR sites are basically clearing houses for different PLR writers.  So the quality of one package from that site may not predict the quality of another package from that site because it may have been written by a different writer.  Just be aware of that when you make your evaluation.

Get a Free Sample

Some PLR sellers are aware that some potential buyers have a rather low opinion of their work, so they take a tip from Costco.  They provide free samples, hoping it will be yummy enough for you to buy it.  Pretty savvy, hunh?

It’s reassuring for you as a potential buyer to know in advance whether you’re getting high quality PLR.  You have a no-risk way of taking a look at a writer’s work and deciding, not only if it’s well-written, but if it sounds like you, approaches issues in a way that’s compatible with your approach, and generally is something that you would want to present to your readers as your own work.

If you like the free PLR that particular writers produce, you can keep them in mind and go back to their sites whenever you need more content.  Many PLR sellers have paid membership programs so if you like the work, and it’s a match with your niche, you can sign up for a new package every month.

Here is a list of some PLR writers who offer free samples of their work.  This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it’s enough to get you started.

Master PLR  – Susan and Geoff O’Dea are excellent and very successful PLR sellers.  They write a lot about health and wellness, including alternative health, diet and nutrition, general health, mental health, and more.

Piggy Makes Bank  (scroll down the page to find it)

PLR Pump

Try one or all of these high quality PLR sellers and see if you like their work.  You may find that you have a new favorite writer.





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