Self-Help PLR – Living an Intentional Life

Piggy Makes Bank has a self-help PLR package that you can use both to build your business and to help others change their lives.

Piggy Makes Bank has a self-help PLR package that you can use both to build your business and to help others change their lives.

People who are seeking self-understanding are highly motivated.  They buy and read e-books, subscribe to inspirational e-mails, and share memes that give advice for better living.

Self-Help PLR

This PLR package includes a 5,832 word e-book, Living an Intentional Life, and an accompanying workbook, Living a Life of Purpose and Intention.  There’s so much you can do with this content.  Of course, you can couple the e-book with the workbook and sell it.

Other options?  Start an online group coaching program using the e-book as the course material and the workbook as a basis for personal reflections for the participants.

You can even break the e-book up into a long series of posts on a dedicated blog.  Monetize the blog with other books and e-books.

Add it to a membership site dedicated to self-discovery.

And I’m sure that you can think up other ways to use it that haven’t occurred to me.

The table of contents of the e-book are:

Part 1: What Does Being Intentional Mean?

  • Being Intentional Means Taking Control
  • Being Intentional Means Planning Your Life
  • Being Intentional Means Defining And Living Within Your Values
  • Being Intentional Means Living Your Life With Purpose
  • Being Intentional Means Making Good Choices
  • Being Intentional Causes You To Improve Your Confidence
  • Your Intentions and Purpose Can Be Big Or Small
  • Being Intentional Can Help You Find Meaning In Life
  • Being Intentional Means Finding Your Passion
  • Being Intentional Helps You Feel More Secure in Your Place
  • Being Intentional Helps You Leave A Legacy

Part 2: How To Live More Intentionally

  • There Is No Magic Pill
  • Start Small To Avoid Overwhelm
  • Make Intentional Choices Every Day
  • Set Smart Goals
  • Think Before You Act
  • Pray or Meditate
  • Keep a Journal
  • Stop and Evaluate Frequently
  • Remind Yourself of Your “Why”
  • Learn More About What You Want To Be Intentional About
  • Surround Yourself With Like-minded People
  • Do It Anyway
  • Be Gracious and Forgiving With Yourself
  • Notice Changes
  • Review Your Intentions Regularly
  • Remember, This Is A Journey
  • Use The Included Workbook

If you have readers who are looking for meaning in life, this self-help PLR can really be a soothing balm for them.  Offer it to them.  People who are trying to change their lives are very earnest in that endeavor.  Help them with it.

This package usually sells on the Piggy Makes Bank site for $37.

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